Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Final Post to Images by Bil

Hi folks the Lord has sent me on a new task so this will be my final post to Images by Bil.  I recently started a new blog Bill Somogyi Traveling in a Wheelchair on blogger.  For the past two years while I've handled the loss of the use of my legs easily, I struggled with God's purpose.

Recently God has revealed the plan.  I have started a new blog (shown above) and registered the domain name:   My site will be pictures I take, paintings I do and and information on all the wonderful places accessible to people in a wheelchair.

I plan on dwelling on the positives and ignoring the negatives of traveling in a wheelchair.  There will be no negative reviews or complaints about where I can't go because there are so many places I can go.  God has given us this wonderful gift called life and it is my hope I can show folks in a wheelchair it's still there for us to enjoy.

My motto is: "With a little patience the world is more accessible than you think!"
Please stop by and follow me if you want and pass it on if you know someone who is wheelchair bound.