Who is Bil

Welcome to Images by Bil
First off my name is Bill Somogyi.  I tried every combination when I was looking for a domain name with Bill in it and they were all taken, thus Bil.  I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone but there’s no romantic or amusing story about my name being Bil.
I'm a single dad with three children. Three years ago I found myself without the use of my legs which left me with some changes to make. Anybody who has teenagers knows that even with three other people in the house, when they are teenagers you are alone a lot.
Outside of going to work every day and a trip to the doctors every week I don't have much excitement in my life. Fortunately I've always had a love for Photography and Painting so I spend most of my time doing computer art both in work and most of my free time.
I love life and the beauty that surrounds us. I see and enjoy something every day that reminds me of this great gift I was given called life! No matter where I am I find beauty and wind up taking a picture to remind me of it. My gallery is a collection of paintings and sketches from photos celebrating the beauty of life.
Again, welcome to Images by Bil I hope you enjoy your visit.

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