Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Creativity

Canal Tow Path Manayunk, Pa
Most people will tell you creativity is something you are born with.  You either have it or you don’t.  I don’t want to get into that debate but I will tell you I think it’s something we need to practice and set time aside for.  The A to Z Blog Challenge is a prime example.  Too often we get absorbed in working on our projects and never exercise or expand on our creative side.

Set aside an hour or a half hour a week and dedicate it to exercising your creative side.  If you’re a writer go to a park take in the sites and write about it from a child’s view, if you’re a painter try painting something with only 2 or 3 colors, a photographer go out and take pictures of the letter “L”.  Not the actual letter but things around you like buildings or sidewalks that form the letter.  After all creativity is nothing more than:

something new which has some kind of subjective value (such as a joke, a literary work, a painting, a musical composition, a solution, or an invention etc).  (Definition paraphrased from Wikipedia.)

Are you allowing some fun time for your creativity to come to the surface?  If you're like me and do work for others all day, even though you are being creative, do you think the fact you need to meet others expectations your creativity may be strangled?

Rule #2 Creativity, religiously set time aside and try something new!


Laura said...

Completely agree, I used to think I had no creativity at all, but then I realised that was only because I wasn't doing anything creative.
Another beautiful picture :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That painting is gorgeous.

My husband is an artist and he does it for a living, but he always finds time to do fun stuff for himself to keep it fresh.

John Wiswell said...

I was a lucky child when it comes to creativity. My parents encouraged us to try the arts, happily supplying notebooks and paint pads, crayons and woodshop supplies. It's doubtless part of why I dive into projects today: a huge slice of the fun is in discovery.

Carolina Diez said...

Lovely painting! I agree...creativity is something we need to cultivate daily. I'm always told "you are so creative, I could never knit as well as you do". I work at my knitting, researching new techniques, stitches, etc.
Visiting from A-Z challenge

netablogs said...

I love the colors in the painting! And I agree with you about creativity. Some people may develop more talents than others, but everyone is born creative in some way, I think. And it does need to be practiced.

Editor and Publisher Shelly Burke said...

I agree-I crave using my creativity to make some sort of craft or scrapbooking. I can be creative with writing but sometimes need a change. Thanks for the encouragement!

Amanda Trought said...

I think that it is important for everyone to spend time on a creative activity as it can impact in so many positive ways on our health and well-being.