Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kindle

Kent State Massacre
No, No! Not that Kindle, I’ll leave that one to the writers. I’m talking about the verb kindle.

Merriam Webster defines it:
transitive verb
1: to start (a fire) burning : light
     a: to stir up : arouse <kindle interest>
     b: to bring into being : start
3: to cause to glow : illuminate

I hear terms like:
     I’m in a funk
     Writers block
     Mental block
     I can’t get inspired
     I can’t come up with something new
     and on and on

When this happens delve into yourself and find what kindles your fire or passion. Step back from the project you’re working on and work on something for fun or passion. More often than not, this little break will recharge your batteries and clear your head allowing you to continue with your project reinvigorated and with a new perspective.

I used to like to do jigsaw puzzles. I can remember staring at those pieces on the table for 15 or 20 minutes not being able to find a piece that fits. I would get up and get a snack and on my way back to the puzzle I would see a piece that fits 10 feet away. Go figure!

Do you know what kindles your passion?

The sketch above is a moment in time that I am really passionate about. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s war was an issue on a lot of people’s minds. Never did it dawn on us that college students protesting the war would be shot and killed by our own National Guard.

Rule #10 kindle your passion by stepping back, digging down deep and having some fun.


lizy-expat-writer said...

Good inspiring (b)log today - just the job for kindling!

Anonymous said...

Amazing sketch. Thought provoking. popping by from AtoZ.

Me said...

Great post! :)

Me said...
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Mina Lobo said...

I agree; sometimes, you've gotta step back to get a clearer view of things. Lovely work you do!
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