Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Scheduling

When it comes to the arts, scheduling works on certain levels and not others.  For example we need to schedule the mundane tasks like cold calling a gallery or publisher but certainly can’t schedule when our creative juices will flow.

I guess that’s why scheduling is so important to us.  The more mundane, yet important tasks we complete the better our chances of having free time when the creative juices start to flow.  I hate checking suppliers pricing and availability of products like framing wood or mattes yet unfortunately it is something that has to be done.  So I schedule it each month or sure enough I’ll need something at the last minute and it’s out of stock.  Talk about putting a damper on creativity.

So what do you hate to do yet it is important to your livelihood?

Rule #18 schedule the boring tasks to free up creative time.

1 comment:

Amanda Trought said...

It can be quite easy to let the boring tasks slip by, and I have a few that I need to get on with, along with some filing!