Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Unearth

Unbelievably Ben Franklin probably stood in this very spot I took this picture.
Merriam Webster defines unearth as:

to make known or public : bring to light <unearth a scandal>
Examples of UNEARTH
An old document was unearthed from the files.
They unearthed evidence that he had accepted bribes.

I was a little undecided (another “U” word) about what to write about and then unearth just came to mind.  I believe we all have a passion and fire burning inside of us.  For some it takes longer than others to unearth and bring it to the surface.  For me it’s a love of our colonial history.  I’ve always been fascinated about our nation’s revolutionary period.

What makes the statement above more amazing is, I’ve lived within 25 miles of Philadelphia, Pa for 55 years and rarely after my childhood have I visited the birthplace of our country.  That all changed when I found myself wheelchair bound a couple years ago.  Determined to not just sit around like most of the people I was with in the physical rehab, I vowed that when I got out I was going to move forward as if nothing happened.

Since that time I’ve embraced our history and have incorporated it seamlessly into my passion for painting and photography.  Every chance I get now, I’m reading about that period in time, researching new places to go and sketch or take pictures and am never at a loss for something to inspire me.  Have you discovered something that has unearthed your passion?

Rule #20 find something to unearth your passion.


Me said...

Unearthing your passion is very needed in one's life.
And that sculpture of Ben Franklin is a good one.

Inger said...

I love that you started this and now you have a passion in life. You are an inspiration.