Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Playing


I'm going to cheat today and talk a little about Playing.  I'm going to be 56 next year but seriously I'm a big kid.  I rasied my kids in later life on my own so naturally I went to work everyday and then went home and did wash, cook and dishes etc.  But guess what I certainly didn't like it.  Many a day I'd look out my office window and wish I was in a park, at the beach or just napping along a stream fishing.

Now that the kids are older and work has learned it better learn to get along without me now and then I can play.  Who cares what it is, a video game (Don't tell my kids), or any other fun thing I can think of when I'm not a dad or a boss.  It charges up my batteries, clears the head and then my creative juices can flow.

Rule #15 Pretty simple learn to Play!

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netablogs said...

Good word. You're right, playing is important at any age! I think I've slacked in that department lately. Love the painting!