Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quotas

When it comes to the Arts, quotas have no place in them.  Art, whether it’s painting, writing or even acting come from a special place inside us and quotas of any kind will disrupt our creativity.  If it takes you two years to write a book, So What!  Six months to finish a painting, So What!

We are at our creative best when we are relaxed and enjoy what we are doing.  We will certainly be ready to jump in the saddle for a new project if the last one was enjoyable.  Want to get burnt out?  Write two books or sculpt to art pieces in the time you would normally take to do one.  How long do you think that type of schedule will be enjoyable? 

I know, I know we all need money and are looking for fame.  REALLY?  Is that the real reason you do what you do?  Not me!  I do it for the love of what I’m doing and I’ll bet if you think about it so do you.

Rule #16 Quotas, forget them and do it for the love.


Deb Betz said...

Beautiful! Agreed, art should not have time limits.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Really love this post! I know I'm going to enjoy your blog. Glad I found it. I'm visiting from the Challenge. Cheers!