Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for You

Yes you!  You wrote a play, wrote a book or maybe painted a picture or took a photograph and the question for me is what have I learned about you. Too often we worry about anticipating our audience’s reaction or acceptance to the work we are creating that we wind up ignoring the most critical component.  You! 

Working on a personal project, no matter what it is, succeeds when you put you into it.  Don’t forget, you have the unique perspective of fear and love for the subject that cannot be reproduced by anybody but you.  By harnessing your feelings and injecting them into your work we see something from a different vantage point then what we are accustomed to.


Nel said...

Have enjoyed your posts! Congrats on making it through A to Z!
until next time...nel

Sandy said...

Yes, YOU is a key element in almost everything we do.

Wrapping up visits for the a-z challenge.